As is well known, rail travel in Germany always has new adventures in store for travellers. The French-American actress Julie Delpy had to make this experience. On Instagram, she reports on an experience that many commuters in this country should be familiar with.

“I made the big mistake of taking a train in Germany again,” she begins her travelogue. She also shares a photo from the 1st class area of ​​an ICE. Delpy therefore spoke to a representative of Deutsche Bahn for an extra long time, who assured her that there would be no difficulties …

“Of course, as always, there are tons of problems,” the 53-year-old continues. “No train works, every single train is delayed. Every single connection is missed.”

The same description also applies to statistics published by DB itself at the beginning of the year. As a reminder: the evaluation found that the punctuality rate for long-distance trains fell by a further ten percentage points over the past year, i.e. to around 65.2 percent. In 2022, Deutsche Bahn made its long-distance passengers wait longer than they have in at least ten years. A problem that is currently also being discussed in politics.

Accordingly, Delpy’s final appeal to her fans and followers is: “Never travel by train in Germany. Walk if you have to.”

It is not known why Julie Delpy is currently in Germany. One of the reasons could be her son, who comes from her past relationship with German film composer Marc Streitenfeld.

Born in Paris, she has been in front of the camera since the 80s and is best known for her film roles in the three parts “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight”. She has also acted in series such as “Emergency Room” and is also a director, screenwriter and singer.