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According to the police, at least four people were seriously injured in the attack in a gym in Duisburg’s old town. Numerous emergency services were on site in the evening, as a dpa reporter reported. Visitors to the gym were therefore looked after by pastors.

A perpetrator has not yet been caught. “There is still no arrest,” said a spokesman for the Essen police on Tuesday evening of the German Press Agency. According to the police, “at least” one attacker had injured several people. Investigators tweeted that witnesses should contact police. Accordingly, the first emergency calls were received by the Duisburg police at around 5.40 p.m. The gym is opposite the town hall. Investigations into the background were ongoing.

Investigators searched and secured the gym, police said. Witnesses who were training on site at the time of the crime are currently being questioned. The studio was now secured, it said shortly after 8 p.m.

According to a dpa reporter, heavily armed special police forces were on site. Eyewitnesses were questioned by the police in a nearby restaurant, he reported. One still had his sports bag with him.

In connection with the attack, the police asked the population to avoid the affected area around the city hall in the city center. “We are on site with strong forces,” said a spokesman for the Essen police, who had taken over the press work.

“Bild” reported that the police are assuming an amok act. Accordingly, the perpetrator or perpetrators should still be on the run.