AP-HP hospitals have 1400 missing nurses, Martin Hirsch, director general of Ile-de-France hospital group said Monday, May 30. While caregivers are growing in need, there are more and more requests for help. Help with staffing shortages. “We at APHP are not as successful as other hospitals. Our problem is with our nurses. He explained that we have 1,000 fewer nurses than we did a year ago. We also had plans to create 400 more positions but we couldn’t create them.

The CEO stated that there are many people who have switched jobs. He also mentioned those who have moved to the private sector and those who have left the provinces to find work. Many of these individuals have used the soft drug of interim. This puts them in a very difficult situation.

The AP-HP has 15% of its beds closed due to a lack of caregivers. Hospitals across France warn about the shortage of emergency service staff this summer. You couldn’t work as a temporary worker before you graduated. Martin Hirsch said that temporary work in the health professions where there’s no unemployment is a choice to work when one wants, when one can, and for three times the pay than the other.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne stated that health is one of three “emergencies”, which the government must address, along with the climate and purchasing power. She spoke after visiting Matignon, a region she has been working with. . She was confronted by the shortage in hospital staff and assured that she had asked “ministers involved” to make “very quick proposals to take effective steps for the summer”.

We are grateful to caregivers