After the disappearance of two German sailors a week and a half ago in the Mediterranean, two bodies were found on the east coast of Mallorca. According to the police, it was initially unknown whether it was the 53-year-old father and his 19-year-old son who had been missing since August 27. Since the two dead are no longer visually identifiable, a DNA analysis was ordered in both cases, it said. The result should be available in two to three weeks, said a spokesman at the request of the German Press Agency on Tuesday.

The first body had been discovered by passers-by on Sunday evening near Cala Morlanda. However, the sea was so turbulent that the police were only able to recover the body the next day at Cala Falcó, almost ten kilometers to the south. The person was only wearing swimming trunks. The second body was spotted Monday evening in Porto Cristo, which is between Cala Morlanda and Cala Falcó. There, too, high waves made the rescue difficult, which was only possible on Tuesday. The police said there was a possibility that the bodies recovered were the German sailors.

Sailors had set sail from Menorca

The two sailors set sail from Menorca on Sunday the week before last. Despite a storm warning, they wanted to use the nine-meter-long sailing boat “Makan Angin”, which is registered in Frankfurt, from Cala Galdana to Cala d’Or on Mallorca, about 90 kilometers away. Relatives last had contact with them in the morning of that day and alerted the police when they heard nothing further from them until the evening. The bodies were found on the route to their planned port of destination.

A large-scale search by the Spanish sea rescue service with ships and from the air, at times with the support of French forces, was unsuccessful.

German died in swimming accident

Meanwhile, a 69-year-old German vacationer died of a heart attack on the way to the hospital on Tuesday. The man was with his son on the beach at Port de Sóller in the northwest of the island when lifeguards saw him floating lifeless in the water and pulled him ashore. The Mallorcan rescue service confirmed corresponding media reports on request. In recent weeks, swimming accidents have increased in Mallorca. Most recently, a total of three vacationers, two Germans and one French, suffered a cardiac arrest while bathing. All died as a result.