Fire brigades in Germany are now preparing for more work again after two new years with corona restrictions. “We assume that we will have more operations again,” said the President of the German Fire Brigade Association, Karl-Heinz Banse, the German Press Agency in Berlin.

“New Year’s Eve is the night with the most calls in any fire department.” There have been a number of serious accidents in recent years.

Especially fires and accidents in connection with New Year’s rockets and firecrackers keep the fire brigade, rescue services and police busy on New Year’s night. “The last two years, when there was a fireworks ban, we’ve had the quietest New Year’s Eve we’ve ever had,” Banse said. In 2021 and 2020, the sale was prohibited in Germany due to the corona pandemic.

Banse said he wasn’t in favor of a general ban. “I think a ban on fireworks is right where I have historic old towns, where I have half-timbered buildings. That’s understandable and right,” said the head of the association. “Otherwise I don’t want to spoil anyone’s joy of setting off fireworks.”

Banse advised against buying rockets and firecrackers on the black market because of the risk of accidents. “We appeal to all people: only use fireworks that are permitted.” In addition, the operating instructions should be observed. “Don’t take any risks. You are endangering your own health.”