The attempt to move the “Ocean Explorer” stranded off Greenland failed. The Arktisk Command (German: Arctic Command), a unit of the Danish military, announced this on Wednesday evening. Accordingly, a Greenlandic research vessel tried to free the “Ocean Explorer” during the flood.

The ship with 206 people on board ran aground on Monday in the Alpefjord, almost 1,400 kilometers northeast of the Greenland capital Nuuk. On Wednesday, employees of the Sirius patrol, a Danish special forces unit, were on board the “Ocean Explorer”. They reported that the 206 passengers and crew members were fine.

As the Arktisk Command announced, there was probably no damage to the ship that posed a threat to the environment. According to the command, one of its military ships is on the way to the “Ocean Explorer”. It is expected to arrive there on Saturday night.

Official Facebook page of the Arktisk Command