A bus with more than 20 passengers left the road on Autobahn 24 near Hagenow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and tipped on its side. According to the current status, the replacement bus driver and one passenger were seriously injured and six other passengers were slightly injured on Thursday morning, as a police spokesman said. The bus driver was reportedly unharmed.

The cause of the accident was initially unclear. The police are investigating the bus driver on suspicion of negligent bodily harm. According to additional information from the police in the morning, an alcohol and drug test was negative. Since the emergency services found medication in the bus, the driver’s blood was taken for examination.

The replacement bus driver has since been taken to a hospital. The passengers should also be medically examined again in various hospitals, after temporary accommodation in a Ludwigsluster Verkehrsbetriebe bus at the scene of the accident. According to the police, it is still unclear whether they can continue the journey towards Hamburg in a replacement bus.

The A24 is completely blocked in the direction of Hamburg. Traffic is diverted at the Wöbbelin exit. The vehicles stuck in traffic between the exit and the scene of the accident are guided past the crashed bus. The rescue workers have started to recover the vehicle, but it is not yet possible to say how long this will take.

A police spokesman pointed out that the number of injured and seriously injured could increase in the course of the medical investigation. Anyone who has to be treated in a hospital for more than 24 hours is also considered seriously injured.