Abbott claims it is restarting production at its Sturgis, Mich. plant for infant formula in an effort to ease the nationwide shortage of formula in the coming weeks.

After a bacterial infection was discovered in formula products of the company, the facility had to be closed. After consuming formula from the plant, several babies became ill and two of them died.

The closure exacerbated ongoing shortages in baby formula in the U.S. In recent weeks, the Biden administration began importing formula from overseas to alleviate the problem.

The company states that EleCare, Abbott’s special formula, will be available to consumers starting on or around June 20. EleCare is for babies with cow milk allergies.

After meeting the initial FDA requirements, Abbott, the largest formula maker in America, was allowed to resume production at the Michigan plant.

Abbott stated that he understood the urgency of formula, and that his top priority was getting safe, high-quality formula into the hands for American families.

The company stated that it would ramp up production as fast as possible while still meeting all requirements. “We are committed to safety, quality, and will do all we can to earn the trust that parents, caregivers, and health care providers have placed on us for over 130 years.”

A spokesperson for the Food and Drug Administration stated that they have been working “around the clock” to address supply shortages. According to the FDA spokesperson, the resumption at the Michigan plant will mean that more infant formula is on the way or already on shelves.