Santiago Abascal (national president of Vox), warned the PP in Andalusia on Saturday that “from now they must be very clear that: either [they] govern together or they don’t govern”. After recalling various breaches of the previous three and a quarter years of the Regional government, PP, and Cs, it remarked that “noone is going to claim that Vox doesn’t speak clearly”, but that they “do not keep up their word”.

Abascal made this statement in a public act in Cordoba on the second day in Andalusian electoral campaigns. He was supporting Macarena Olona for the Vox Presidency of Board and Alejandro Hernandez for Cordoba. Hundreds of people also supported Macarena Olona for the Vox candidate for Presidency of Board.

He has stated that Vox in Andalusia must have “a greater ambition than it did four years ago”. “It is not enough just to have a few deputies nor is it necessary but it is essential to be part the Andalusian government and, if possible, at the head, leading it. Because others have proven that change is just talk.

He has also criticised Juanma Moreno’s candidate for president of the Board for voting poorly and not giving him an absolute majority. This is because he said that “if your vote is not good enough, you must repeat the election.”

He also stated that it was “surprising” that he had commented on the “new era in agreements with the PSOE” after “three years of exchanging jokes, frustration, and in which the socialists never returned what they stole from Andalusia”, and that “they want a new era for understanding, turning Andalusia to the testing laboratory of a great coalition between PP, PSOE so that everything stays the same”.

He also regretted saying that “if they don’t have representation and you don’t vote for Cs, it doesnt matter, that they will give you some advice.” “What a lack respect for the Andalusians’ will!” Abascal declared, to stress that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, they will do what they want. He stressed that “we are in time for it to be prevented” and that “when there is a government in Andalusia it does what it promised and what the citizens require”, something Vox and its candidate Macarena Olona are responsible for, which “is a most important bet by Vox in regional elections in Spain”.

Juanma Moreno’s comments about Vox are, in his opinion, “a lack of respect for Andalusians, and an insult to Vox voters”. He has censored that “the PSOE” and “the PP become accomplices in those who want silence Vox”, citing the “manipulated polls”, and criticizing that the PSOE “demonizes the them and the others are still silent, look the other direction and rub their hands, believing that this is good for the them, when they are going to be demonized will be them>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

He said that “it is very sad to see the PP become a complicit in such a brutal demonicization against millions of Spaniards some of whom had been its voter”. To then claim that there are “people who voted to the left for the PP and those who didn’t vote” and “young children who, at 18 years old, are going to vote Vox.

Abascal said that Vox has not complied in the legislature of the new Regional Government. He noted that the “those who came into power three years ago with their worst historical results have governed through Vox”. But “We only received the contempt from PP and Cs”, who “said nothing with Vox”, he reproached. He also stated that they “have not kept their word” on the investiture agreement, and that “what was signed has been a deadletter.”

Abascal has therefore settled “one and only”, adding that it is the last time there was an investiture agreement.

Abascal also stated that they don’t want to “remove 5 from the PP, or Cs to place 5 from Vox”, but that they want the “ideas and principles be in government’s action in the Board, that there are a change of direction and a change happens in the neighborhoods to recuperate the security lost with illegal migration, in industries to compete”, aswell as “a real shift in the countryside, persecuted, and suffers unfair competition from foreign goods that do not conform with legislation”

So, Vox’s president trusts in the “massive support,” which Macarena Olona received on June 19, so that “Andalusia embraces genuine change and not the joke-change to which they have condemned them.”

Olona, for his part, demanded that he “not resign himself” to voting for the PP/PSOE “because it has always been voted to”, asking “where is it written to resign oneself in mediocrity”, alluding to Juanma dark. She stressed that she could change the course in Andalusia or Spain, and added that Andalusia is at risk of rebellion or resignation.

He stated that it was clear that 37 years of PSOE government has resulted in some improvement, but he argued that Andalusia needs to be reformed to become a country of security, prosperity, and family. Vox is the only one who can bring about the real change.

Vox made a historical reference at its inception to Galileo Galilei. Everyone believed that the earth was the centre of the universe. This has helped to contextualize his message for those present. “There are moments when an individual faces their future, and this is one moment in which Andalusia will face one of those moments to alter his future.

He cited these facts as “structural unemployment not below 20%; youth unemployment rates that are twice the rate in Spain; that elderly people spend their last years alone, just when they most need us; that our fields have been replaced by northern Morocco’s or that water is a luxury item>>.

Olona asked that people avoid “voting in resignation”, which is what all the candidates are telling you. He then addressed the candidate for the PP, who has promised free Wi-Fi and television in hospitals. The candidate asked, “Where is the Lucena Hospital?” and added that “all of us are going to pay for that Wi-Fi” and “TV with your taxes.”

The Vox candidate summarised her message by asking voters to “not allow them condemn you to resignation that they impose upon you on the left or right, because this has completely burst all the labels.” Vox is the party that will win because it proudly raises the flag for Spain. This is impossible without Andalusia. She has sent the following message: “They can tell or you can be protagonists.”

Vox for Cordoba’s number one candidate has stressed that Cordoba “never disappoints Vox” and that Vox is committed “to never disappointing Cordoba”, while stating that “Vox is here to stay.”