On the occasion of the conference of transport ministers in Aachen, the Verdi union wants to call for nationwide warning strikes in local transport in Aachen and neighboring regions for Thursday. This was announced by a union spokesman on Tuesday evening. The transport companies ASEAG, Rurtalbus and Westverkehr, including all municipal subsidiaries, were affected, the union announced on Tuesday evening.

In the nationwide collective bargaining dispute in the public service for federal and municipal employees, Verdi and the civil servants’ association dbb are demanding 10.5 percent more income, but at least 500 euros more per month. In the second round of negotiations, despite an offer from the employer, there was still no rapprochement between the parties to the collective bargaining agreement. The third round of negotiations begins on March 27th. “We need a degree so that the lower pay groups can make ends meet,” said Verdi union secretary for Cologne, Bonn and Leverkusen, Jonathan Konrad, on Tuesday morning.