Talavera de la Reina will have a new asphalting plan, the third to be carried out in this legislature. It will cover a total of 36,291 square meters and will have an investment of 264,264 euros. The works will begin in the first week of June and are expected to be completed during the same month.

The Councilor for Citizenship and Sustainable Image of the City, Montserrat Muro, has highlighted that the Talaveran government team “fulfills a new commitment” by initiating an asphalting plan that “will reach all the neighborhoods of the city”.

Initially, the white work will begin, that is, the elevation of the sewer system and the modification of sidewalks where necessary. In addition, Montserrat Muro has reported that “as was done in the previous plan, neighbors will be informed where the works are carried out so that they are informed and cause as little inconvenience as possible.”

Muro has indicated that the streets that this asphalting plan will reach are the Avenida de la Constitución in the section between Pablo Picasso and Juan Pablo II, the intersection roundabout between Doctor Flemming and Torres Quevedo streets (Torrehierro Industrial Estate). , Patrocinio Square (in front of the Church), and the streets of Santos Mártires, San Antón, Luis Jiménez, Velada, Pirámide, Castillo, Puerto Rico, Juan Sebastian Elcano, San Dámaso, Marquesitas, Juan Suárez Carvajal, Fernando de Rojas, San Miguel, Pepino, Alvarado (between Avenida Francisco Aguirre and Calle Paralela), Matadero and San Lucas.

The councilor has also advanced that “the measurement part of the next asphalting plan is already well advanced”, the fourth to be carried out in this legislature. Montserrat Muro has also pointed out that once the budget for 2022 has been finalized and approved, “the investment has been increased from 600,000 to 900,000 euros”, which will allow there to be a “significant number of square meters that can be made of asphalt in the city ».

In total, in these two years a total of 1,200,000 euros will have been invested in asphalting plans. Likewise, it has also indicated that this asphalting plan will reach the “main arteries of the city.”

On the other hand, the deputy mayor has also highlighted that these asphalting plans “as well as any other measure taken by this government team” are based on the agreement with the neighborhood associations of each of the neighborhoods.

In this way, he has pointed out that “if the PP really knew the neighborhoods and listened to the neighbors, they would know about the problems that the occurrences of the PP are causing in terms of unique platforms in neighborhoods like Puerta de Zamora.” Thus, he has recalled that it has been the neighbors themselves who have responded to the PP on social networks every time they talk about this issue.

The councilor has highlighted that “when you are not a hard worker, at the end of the course it is time to give the bum a squeeze, which is what the PP is doing now with visits that they have not been able to carry out in three years.” For Muro, “”they have been hiding for three years and now that they see that a year before the elections they have wasted time, they go to the daily press conference with whatever it is, even if it is about occurrences”.

Finally, Muro has assured that the works “cannot be carried out for the greater glory of the councilor or mayor of” but that “they must be considered by talking with the neighbors, who are the ones who live there, and seeking not to complicate life for who live there”.