Five young people, between 22 and 27 years old, have been injured by a knife or bottle glass, in addition to various bruises, in a brawl on Illescas street, in Aluche, as reported by Emergencias Madrid. The events occurred at dawn on Sunday in an area with various entertainment venues.

Three of the young people have been seriously injured, one of them 22 years old with a penetrating wound in the right hemithorax, who has been transferred to the Clinical Hospital by Samur-Civil Protection.

Another of the young people, 24 years old, has suffered a neck and forearm wound, to which the Municipal Police has had to perform a tourniquet. He has been transferred to the Gregorio Marañón Hospital.

And the third seriously injured was a 27-year-old man, who received a back injury, and was transferred to the October 12 Hospital.

The other two young people treated by Samur-Civil Protection have been slightly injured, one of them 24 years old with a cut on his finger, who has been transferred to La Princesa Hospital and detained by the Municipal Police, and the other 22 years old, bruised , transferred to Gómez Ulla.

The Police investigates if it is a case of Latino gangs.