Several members of UCCL-Ávila have filed a criminal complaint with the justice against the previous and the new president of the organization, accusing them of misappropriation, after which the judge has issued an order in which he opens preliminary proceedings and demands the annual accounts since 2016.

According to Vicente García Ollero, one of the complainants, in September 2021 they requested the organization’s accounts, however they received them in February but they were not complete, so they were not “satisfied”, reports Ep.

“Everything is a bit strange and dark” and “does not respond to the required transparency”, that is why they filed a criminal complaint for misappropriation against Jesús Muñoz, who stopped being president on Sunday after 36 years; the new president, Francisco Robledo; and other members of management.

The Court of Instruction number 5 has agreed to initiate preliminary proceedings and has required UCCL to provide the annual accounts, as well as the bank statements from 2016 to 2020.