The León Local Police were required at two o’clock this morning to go to number 6 Gran Vía de San Marcos street, where a 43-year-old man was lying on the ground without responding to any type of stimulus.

Once at the scene, they verified that he was without vital signs, lying on the road and performed CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) maneuvers according to the instructions of the Desa defibrillator of the police vehicle, until the arrival of the toilets from the Emergency Center 1-1- 2, which certified the death of the man, for which the pertinent judicial protocol was activated.

It was a person who accompanied the deceased who asked for help from the Local Police officers since, according to what he said, he had not been able to establish telephone contact with the 1-1-2 Emergency Center.

According to his account, both were walking down the street when he fell to the ground without responding to their maneuvers.