‘Now we find the kirsebærsauce that you must buy for christmas!’

Christmas eve is fast approaching, so BT and Thomas Alcayaga test this week no less than 10 different kirsebærsaucer, of which 9 are ‘cheap’ and one is expensive (68 kr.).

“Christmas is for me a classic. Every time there is someone who will be smart and try to change things, so it just gets tiresome,” says Alcayaga .

BT’s food critic loves christmas and especially risalamanden where kirsebærsaucen is an indispensable accessory.

“Kirsebærsaucen should preferably give some contrast to the fairly sweet risalamand, if it is just sukkervand with the red color it does not matter.”

A homemade kirsebærsauce requires that you prepare contributed in the middle of the summer, and according to Thomas Alcayaga is the probably very few that are out in good time.

“You buy it, I buy, everyone else buys it, and it’s ok,” says the chef.

See in the video where Thomas Alcayaga blindsmager 6 out of the 10 products and read below what the other 4 got to grades.

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