The former member of the Danish parliament is back in parliament as a political consultant for the Liberal Alliance.

He was one of the many Liberal Alliance profiles smoke out of Parliament at the general election 5. June.

The most recent time has, however, been able to bump into Joachim B. Olsen on Christiansborgs times, and it is there for a reason.

He has been employed as a political consultant on full time in the party’s political-economic secretariat, writes Berlingske.

– I’ve got offers to do other things, but I have it just a basic how to that I think LA is a very, very important project. It is the only consistent liberal party in Denmark, he says.

– the Party is in a survival struggle that is the reality. But it is also why I’m here.

– If there any way I can contribute to LA comes back, I would like Oslobet it. And I believe that it is incredibly important that LA comes back, says Joachim B. Olsen to Berlingske.

Joachim B. Olsen is employed full-time and are paid. It means that he will be deducted in the eftervederlag, as he is entitled to as a former member of the Danish Parliament.

The former OLYMPIC medalist in the shot put. welcomes the fact that he in a different way than before can come to have an influence on the Liberal Alliance policy.

Joachim B. Olsen, who sat in Parliament from 2011 and leading up to the election this year, does not exclude the possibility that he will try to get a comeback in the Parliament.

– there is clearly a likelihood of. Mentally it’s just not what I focus on right now. I have the focus to contribute to the LA up and running now. But it is surely likely, he says.

the Liberal Alliance folketingsgruppe composed after the elections in June by Alex Vanopslagh, Ole Birk Olesen and Henrik Dahl.

Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Bille left the Liberal Alliance in October and formed earlier in november the party Forward.