Six corpses have been flown out of White Island in New Zealand after the eruption of the volcano that Monday devastated the island. It informs The New Zealand Herald.

Up to 47 tourists were on the island when the volcano erupted, and it was far from all, who managed to escape from the island alive.

In all, eight persons believed to have been killed by lava and ash.

an Additional 20 persons were hospitalized with severe burns.

Although there is estimated to be 50-60 percent chance of a new eruption, were specialists in protective clothing and oxygen apparatus, on Friday sent to the island to remove the dead.

Salvaging is done out of consideration for the relatives, who are waiting impatiently, having previously participated in a ceremony of remembrance at sea out of the island.

the Bodies were found within a radius of 200 meters, according to the New Zealand Herald. They were flown to militærskibet HMNZS Wellington, from whence they were flown on to Auckland. There were families the opportunity to take leave.

Saturday will be the specialists return to the island and look for the last two deaths.