• motor Vehicle tax must be paid by direct debit
  • fixing and collecting by the main customs offices
  • E-cars are for the first years from the registration of the motor Vehicle tax
  • liberated find information about the amount of motor Vehicle tax
  • contact
  • motor Vehicle tax calculator the Federal Ministry of Finance

Since 1. In July 2014, the customs administration is for the motor vehicle tax. That is, the main customs offices take care of the fixing, Erbhebung and the collection of the tax. The tax must be paid in advance for a year. There are exceptions, if the tax is over € 500. The grant of a direct debit mandate is required by law.

Vehicle tax for cars: you will be charged

For the calculation of road tax, various factors play a role. The size of the displacement and the CO2-emissions belong to. It applies different approaches for older and newer Cars:

passenger Cars first registered up to 30. June 2009

the Following parameters are for the calculation of the road tax for older cars is crucial:

  • type of engine (Otto, Diesel, Wankel engine)
  • engine displacement (in CC)
  • Emission, and emission class (Euro standard)
    (The key number can be found in the vehicle seem to be in the field 1. In the registration certificate part I in box 14.1. Each of the last two digits are relevant.)
  • weight (rotary engine)

passenger Cars with initial registration from 1. July 2009

For passenger Cars of a later date, the CO2-impact plays a larger role in the determination of Vehicle tax. The owner of a Car with a lower CO2 emissions benefit. You need to compared to a reduction of the tax figures with a Car with high CO2 emissions. CO2 value in field V. 7 of the registration certificate part I. in addition to the CO2 emissions continues to engine capacity and engine type on the amount of the tax.

Here you can set the height of your Car to calculate tax

These levies apply to electric cars

cars with electric car would have to pay for the first years after approval, no road tax. You are exempt for

  • Ten years in the case of admission to 31. December 2015
  • Five years with approval from 1. January 2016 to 31. December, 2020

After the liberation, the weight forms the Basis for the calculation of the Vehicle tax. All of the 200 kilograms of the amount of the tax.

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The Vehicle tax for motorcycles

Compared with the passenger Car, the calculation of the Vehicle tax for motorcycles is relatively simple. The Basis of the engine displacement size. The tax increases per 25 cubic centimeter(ccm).

the end of the charges for vehicles

With the deregistration of the vehicle at the registration authority also ends the obligation to pay the motor Vehicle tax. The so-called end notification is usually sent two weeks of the cancellation.

As the motor vehicle tax is always paid in advance (usually for a year), arises in the case of the deregistration of the cars credit. Such balances are generally paid within three weeks. Your car has a cheat engine? (Display)

you Know, if your car is affected – and calculate non-binding and free of charge your personal amount of compensation.

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