The 75th German Wine Queen is called Eva Brockmann and comes from the Franconian wine-growing region in Bavaria. In the anniversary year, the 24-year-old prevailed on Friday evening in Neustadt (Palatinate) against four competitors from Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. As the industry’s most important ambassador, the qualified oenologist has now represented around 15,000 winemakers for a year.

After her victory, in the shower of confetti and the cheers of her fan base, the new “First Lady of Vine Juice” accepted the queen crown from her predecessor Katrin Lang from the Baden growing region. “I feel pure joy, pure emotion,” Brockmann told the German Press Agency. She still can’t believe her victory. The candidates were a good team. “Everyone deserves it.”

Strong competition

In the name of the vine, Brockmann now attends numerous appointments abroad. Franconia last had the wine queen in 2008.

In front of around 700 guests in the hall building, a jury and the audience chose Lea Baßler (23, Palatinate wine region) and Jessica Himmelsbach (28, Baden wine region) as wine princesses. Katja Föhr (21, Rheingau) and Sarah Röhl (23, Moselle) lost in the fight for the crown.

The five candidates had to, among other things, identify types of wine during a blind tasting and demonstrate quick-wittedness.

The German Wine Queen has been promoting the industry since 1949. Until 1999, the requirement was that candidates had to be single and come from a winemaking family. There are a total of 13 wine-growing regions in Germany, the largest being Rheinhessen off the Palatinate.