Ingo Wald remains president of the third division football club MSV Duisburg. The 65-year-old was re-elected at the general meeting of the traditional association on Wednesday in the Theater am Marientor with only ten dissenting votes and a few abstentions with his team in the show of hands among the around 500 members present. After the withdrawal of the opposition team around former DFB general secretary Helmut Sandrock, he was the only candidate just a few days before the meeting. Therefore, Wald had demanded a clear vote. He has been in office since September 2014.

The Sandrock team, to which ex-professional Hans Sarpei also belonged, justified its withdrawal last Friday with “considerable doubts about being able to set up the club as an “honorary board member of the registered club for the future” and at the same time to the “complicated structure of the entire club”. Wald had regretted this decision: “I would have liked to have made the election, the members deserved an election.”

MSV Duisburg GmbH ended the 2021/22 season