The SPD member of the Bundestag Adis Ahmetovic has cancer. The 30-year-old announced this in a statement on his website on Friday. “Even though this finding has hit my family and me hard, the positive message from the treating doctors is that the cancer is curable,” Ahmetovic wrote.

“For this reason, I will undergo appropriate treatment, which will require rest and strength. After intensive discussions with the doctors, I am very confident that I will get well again.” After his full recovery, the SPD politician announced that he would continue his duties. Ahmetovic was directly elected in the Hanover I constituency in 2021.

Ahmetovic was born in Hanover in 1993 as the son of war refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Five years later the family was to be deported. His current party colleague Matthias Miersch, a lawyer, objected to the procedure at the time. After years of tough negotiations, his family finally received a permanent residence permit in March 2001, Ahmetovic said after entering the Bundestag.