2022 INCOME DECLARATION. The deadline for filing your tax return is approaching for some taxpayers. What is the deadline? For who ? In line ? Paper ? We tell you everything.

[Updated May 19, 2022 at 09:00 a.m.] As of next week, some taxpayers will already have to submit their tax return checked, corrected and completed with the tax authorities. The deadline: Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Are concerned, the inhabitants residing in the departments included from (01) to (19). In reality, this concerns taxpayers who have opted for an online tax return, like more than 90% of users each year. Please note, if you do not respect this deadline, penalties may be granted to you in the form of an increase in income tax as a percentage, the longer the delay. As a reminder, taxpayers who have opted for the tax return in paper format have a longer deadline. Indeed, the tax authorities were late in sending the pre-filled declarations. De facto, the date is shifted from May 19, 2022 to May 31, 2022.

The declaration campaign was launched on April 7 to allow all taxpayers to complete their tax return online or on paper. Please note, after the deadline, it will no longer be possible for you to declare your income received in 2021. In total, 19 departments are concerned by this first deadline set for May 24, 2022. That is the departments between Ain (01 ) and Corrèze (19). So don’t wait any longer, and go to the tax site for the vast majority of taxpayers to complete your tax return, or via one of the forms offered for those who do not have a connection. sufficient internet, or for retirees who simply cannot perform this operation. Here is the complete schedule of deadlines to remember for this 2022 declarative campaign:

Regarding the paper tax return for the year 2021, the deadline has been set for May 31, 2022.

The 2022 declarative campaign is well and truly launched! No more malfunctions, it’s time to fill in your tax return on income received in 2021. And an important piece of data comes back to the fore every year, the deadlines! They vary according to your department of residence and also according to the form of tax declaration used. In other words, if you have chosen to declare your taxes online or in paper format using one of the forms offered. For an online tax return, the deadline is June 8. For a tax return in paper format via a form, the deadline is May 31. Remember these dates because beyond that, it will no longer be possible to declare your income to the tax authorities. For taxpayers who are unable or no longer able to go online, don’t panic. The tax administration has updated the page dedicated to the declaration campaign forms.

To save time, we advise you to bring your payslip for December 2021, on which you will find the “net tax amount” for the year 2021, to fill in on your 2022 tax return on 2021 income. The tax return also allows you to obtain a refund if this is the case, and to update your withholding tax rate. Tax households then receive their tax notice at the end of July. The payment date is set for September.

You must declare your income to the tax department each year if you live in France. In 2022, online reporting is mandatory if your home is connected to the internet. Otherwise, you can use a form. You benefit from additional time if you file your declaration online. If your situation has not changed in 2021, you may be exempted from making this declaration, it will be made automatically by the taxes.

In 2022, you can declare your income on paper form if you are in one of the following situations:

Before signing your declaration, you must check the information provided and, if necessary, correct and complete it. You must attach supporting documents to your paper declaration only if they are documents drawn up by you. We advise you to keep the supporting documents for 3 years in case of request from the administration.

If you file your tax return in paper format, you must use the pre-completed return received between April and June 2022. Depending on your situation, this return may vary. Here are the links to these paper returns if you would like to download them:

Statement 2042

Declaration 2042-C

Don’t think of escaping it! The tax return remains a time-consuming step, not particularly pleasant but essential to put you in good standing with the tax authorities. The tax deduction at source, introduced in 2019, does not change anything, even if it has simplified the process somewhat. For many taxpayers, the online declaration is now coupled with an automatic pre-entry carried out by the tax services. Don’t see it as a godsend to do nothing and click to record your declaration without doing anything. It is better to check everything, so as not to forget an additional income to declare or especially a deduction to which you are entitled (donation to an association, personal service, tax niche, etc.)

Also beware of online scams! They are more and more numerous. Two of them are circulating in particular in this year 2022. Cyber ​​criminals are on the lookout to trick you in order to extort money or personal data from you. Here are the two most common for this 2022 declarative campaign:

This year, the tax return has several new features that could save you a lot of money. Between the revaluation of the mileage scale or the appearance of certain tax credits, take the time to check all the information on your pre-filled tax return, and complete it if necessary. It would be a shame to miss out on discounts to which you are fully entitled. Remember that the deadline for returning your tax return in paper format is fast approaching! It’s set for May 19, so don’t delay. But then, what are the main novelties of this 2022 declarative campaign? Here they are :

The declarative campaign is in full swing in this month of April. French taxpayers can now complete their tax declaration and declare their income received in 2021. For an online declaration, the information should be pre-filled by the tax authorities once you are connected to the tax site, you will have until June 8 to complete it online, and May 19 in paper format. Despite this facility, stay vigilant and remember to check all the information about you. Despite this particular attention, it sometimes happens that errors slip into your tax return. Sometimes avoidable blunders that can cost you dearly, especially the following year. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid in 2022:

It is possible that you forgot to declare child support. If you pay one, be sure to declare it in the “6. Deductible expenses” section and not in the “6DD” section which corresponds to the deductions! The error happens quickly, so be vigilant. Otherwise, if you receive alimony, it must be declared under one of the following headings: 1AO, 1BO, 1CO or 1DO.

This is perhaps the queen of tax filing errors. Not the most serious, but the most common. The “contribution to public broadcasting” box is dedicated to this statement. Inevitably, you will not forget to pay the TV license fee, so you might as well declare it from April on your tax return. If you do not, you will be required to repay the sum of 138 euros. Note that in the event of the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, or the election of Marine Le Pen on April 24, this audiovisual fee will be abolished.

Single ? Divorced or separated? Don’t forget to check the “single parent” box (box T) on your tax return. It is possible that this box is not pre-filled even if you were already in this situation last year. In addition, the malfunctions that appeared this year on pre-filling prompt you to be even more vigilant.

Again, there are often mistakes and they are largely avoidable. If your child resides alternately with one parent then the other, be aware that he or she can be taken into account equally within the tax household. Sometimes taxpayers don’t know it and fail to report it. In some cases, the tax return is false and errors are made at this level. If the child is your sole responsibility, you must complete boxes F or G. If custody is shared with your spouse, check boxes H or I.

In the case of a tax credit, it is possible to obtain a refund of 50% of the total expenses relating to this care of dependent children under the age of 6 on January 1, 2021. Attention, an error is very quickly arrived in this case. Keep in mind that food costs should not be included as they are not taken into account in the tax credit. You must also withdraw the additional costs of free choice of childcare, and the aid granted by the employer.

The 2022 declaration campaign has been in full swing since April 7, and good news for you, there is a way to pay less tax in 2022! Indeed, if you have made one or more donations to certain associations, you will be able to benefit from a tax reduction on your 2022 tax return. involve any counterpart to your advantage. Then, the organizations receiving your donation must meet certain conditions. First, have a nonprofit. Then, having a corporate purpose and disinterested management. Finally, do not operate for the benefit of a restricted circle of people.

But then, which associations are eligible for you to benefit from a tax reduction? Organizations of general interest of a cultural or sporting nature, for example. Associations recognized as being of public utility or organizations whose main activity is the organization of contemporary art exhibitions. Find the complete list on the government website. Now the question is, what types of donations are eligible? In reality, there are 5 very specific categories of donations to associations that enter into the accounting of the tax reduction, here they are:

Good to know, donations to associations entitle you to an income tax reduction of up to 66% of the amount paid within the limit of 20% of taxable income. For example, a donation of 100 euros will allow you to obtain a reduction of 66 euros. More specifically, a donation to organizations helping people in difficulty or victims of domestic violence allows him to obtain a tax reduction of 75%, for a donation of less than 1,000 euros. Beyond that, the reduction drops to 66%. Finally, the tax reduction cannot exceed 20% of taxable income.

For 10 years now, the tax authorities have been responsible for pre-filling your tax return using the information at their disposal such as the amount of your salary, your retirement pension or your unemployment benefits. Proof of its democratization, in 2021, more than 11 million taxpayers have benefited from it. But then, how do you know if you can benefit from this automatic tax return? It is offered to tax households that were taxed last year only on income pre-filled by the administration. If you made an online declaration in 2021, an email should be sent to you with the possibility of checking all your information from your private space. On the contrary, if you declared your income on paper last year, a letter will be sent to you with the new tax declaration and all the necessary documents presenting you with this new automatic declaration system.

Attention, despite the practical and extremely up-to-date nature of this service, we advise you to check all the information that the tax authorities have sent you. In the best case, everything is correct, you don’t have to do anything more, your tax return will be automatically validated, that’s the principle. However, it may happen that small misprints slip into your declaration, or that certain information must be modified. We naturally think of a tax credit, the declaration of actual expenses or professional expenses such as mileage. If a change is necessary, you will need to complete and sign your tax return as usual. As a reminder, don’t wait any longer to complete your tax return if you plan to opt for the paper return! The deadline is approaching, it’s already scheduled for next week! Indeed, after May 19, 2022, you will no longer be able to complete it. So don’t be fooled, go to the tax site now.