After the final whistle, the Holstein Kiel coach and players cried out their relief. After two defeats against Kaiserslautern and Magdeburg, the fear of a sporting crisis was felt. The 3: 2 (2: 0) at Eintracht Braunschweig averted such a development. “I’m overjoyed with today’s win. But we could have had it a lot easier,” said coach Marcel Rapp.

In front of 18,474 spectators in the Eintracht Stadium, his team already led 3-0 with goals from Fabian Reese (14th minute), Holmbert Aron Fridjonsson (22nd) and Timo Becker (49th). The goals scored by Maurice Multhaup (57′) and Danilo Wiebe (70′) made this northern duel in the 2nd Bundesliga even more exciting.

“After the 2-3 you saw how nervous everyone on the bench was,” said Icelander Fridjonsson. The Swiss Saulo Decarli even had the chance to make it 3:3 for Braunschweig in the 85th minute. “If you lead 3-0, that just has to be enough. But that’s the only downside,” said the strong Reese.

The Kielers were also missing six injured players on Friday evening. But it was primarily Braunschweig who were unable to compensate for the loss of five central defenders. The newly formed emergency defense seemed disorganized from the start. And this lack of stability unsettled the entire team.

Before the 0:1 cross giver Philipp Sander and goal scorer Reese were completely undisturbed. Before the 0:2, goalkeeper Jasmin Fejzic saved a shot from Steven Skrzybski right in front of Fridjonsson’s feet.

Braunschweig coach Michael Schiele changed three players at half-time. But not even three minutes later it was 0:3 because Eintracht was countered after their own corner kick.

The climber came back with a lot of morale and fighting spirit. “We have the game under control. But then suddenly there is a break. We no longer had access,” said Rapp. In the end, the coach was still proud: “They always say: Holstein Kiel can’t defend. But in the end all the boys stood together.”

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