in winter it is particularly important to get aired out, but you can do it in shorter time than usual – you can settle for 5 minutes.

Close the windows up in both sides of the home, so the ‘used’ air is sucked out, and fresh erstatningsluft is pulled in. Otherwise, when you do not have to change all the air out in such a short time.


for example morning, afternoon and evening. When it is cold outside, and the contrast between the cold and the heat is big, condensation will form, and therefore there is a risk of growth of mold and other moisture damage. Therefore, it is important to vent out.

Make it a habit to air out, when you are brushing your teeth. If you have a brand new thermostat, you do not need to shut down the heat in the short periods, where the windows are open – but do you have a thermostat, there are more than a few years old, it may be a good idea to turn the volume down, when you air out. If the thermostat feels the cold air, it will do, to sent extra very hot out.

When you make food, it is important to turn on the hood and/or air out after cooking, so the warm, moist air gets sucked out. There arise many particles at cooking, and İllegal Bahis it is important that you try to remove these.

Candles emit large quantities of particulate matter by burning. Air thoroughly out, once you’ve had the candles lit.

don’t Let just a single window stand ajar for several hours. It will cool the walls and other surfaces. Cold walls can provide condensation and lead to mold.

5 places you typically get the mold

If the edge of the fabric on the inside of the windscreen gets over 2 cm wide, it is a sign that you need to vent out more. Wipe the dew away with e.g. a paper towel or cloth, so that it does not later develop into mold.

. Smells that jammed or even in your home, you must open the windows a little more often.

When you have been in bath, you must make sure that the moist air is coming right out of your home. If you open the bathroom door, spreading you just the moist air to the rest of the dwelling. Instead, steam and warm air out through the udsugningsanlægget or a badeværelsesvindue.

in the example, windows and doors. In cool weather there can get too much air into the of them, and then it will require extra energy to warm your home up. But remember to open the valves again for the spring.

Ventilation and natural ventilation

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