The world of dance Erding is open from today again. In record time, the fire protection deficiencies have been addressed. The capital is not yet over.

Erding – Behind Chriss Melzer is not a slow waltz, but a hot Samba: Within two weeks, it is the owner of the dance world Erding managed to install a completely new fire alarm system. That is to say: After the forced closure by the town of Erding on 12. June (we) will be reported to Melzer today, again unlocking. The approximately 100 courses are allowed to make from now on.

Behind Melzer turbulent months. In March, he had to be close to the high phase of the Corona pandemic, its school of dance in the basement of the former Coop building on Beautiful tower. The joy of re-opening the beginning of June lasted only a short time. Because the city serious fire protection deficiencies noted in the basement and ordered again the closure.

“I wanted to open as quickly as possible,” says Melzer, “thanks to extremely diligent craftsmen and some by worked nights, we are now again.” He spoke of a real Herculean task to install additional detectors and to draw maps for the fire Department.

Melzer is financially gone considerably in advance. The money he wants from the landlord, the fisherman’s Foundation. The looks of the Black Peter Melzer. A legal dispute seems inevitable. “The customer shouldn’t care but,” says Melzer. ham