The rules for game operation in youth football – the boys from the girls the season to end in a circle Miesbach on consent.

County – Since last weekend, it is known that the current Junior season, the footballer, will be cancelled as reported. To create the final tables of the Bavarian football Association (BFV) uses a points ratio. The number of points scored is divided by the number of games played. The Teams at the top, and – if present – on the rise on the relegation place, Relegated it to give. Only exception to this is Teams, which were able to retract in the previous course of the season not a single point.

If it be held to the Corona-relaxations allow, in the autumn, a half-round. It is then also regular and Relegated to give. At the earliest it’s started this year on 1. September, in the offspring, probably to the end of the summer holidays. In the spring of 2021, a further half round then takes place before the game passes from July 2021, and again in the regular rhythm. “I don’t want to at the moment stuck in the skin of the people responsible for BFV, because you can’t make it all right,” says Dominik von Maffei, a youth leader at SV Miesbach. The BFV-mailbox, the clubs were informed on Monday.

Stutz: abortion right

As further action is taken, is so far only for the D – to-A-youth. “We don’t know yet how it goes with the Kleinfeld team,” says Elke Klinkhammer, district youth Director for Kleinfeld in the group East in a circle to the Zugspitze. Currently, most of the clubs have not taken the Training under the Corona conditions in the Junior yet again. “Just the five we are still discussing whether we should get back in the car. It is hard, the requirements to implement and to carry the fun to the children,“ explained Maffei.

No negative experiences with the “Corona-Training” up to now, TSV Weyarn, here all the Teams are already up to the D-youth back on the field, the small field teams to follow after the Whitsun holidays. Then you want to get the TSV Otterfing again. “We will start next week in the men’s, women’s, and the B-youth and if our concept works, and to the younger teams follow suit,” says TSV-youth Director Markus Stutz. The decision of the current season to cancel, find Stutz correctly: “It is good that the Chaos and the Wait is now over. The training for players and coaches will be on a voluntary basis. The parents get a Letter, and must give signed again,“ says Stutz

Two and a half rounds makes sense

For Junior teams there is a further exception, here are the current season 2019/20 will be continued and played to may 2021 the end. This is the case, the otter finger in the B – and C-Junior. “Why the girls and the boys not, I can not understand, to be honest, the whole,” explains Stutz. In the case of the JFG Oberland, of which the SV Miesbach, will also be added to the Whitsun holiday is back in Training. “Whether the decision was the right one, we know, maybe the end of this year. I would have liked to see that there is regulated the same for all and it is not a different ways for men, youth and girls teams,“ says Maffei. That there will be no full season 2020/21, but two and a half rounds, he is right: “This is more flexible if the situation changes and there are, for example, a new Virus outbreak. This is in my eyes the only Alternative,“ explained Maffei.

by and Large, the leaders in the Region seem to be so with the decisions of the Association agreement, most of the footballers in the County, it is all about may as soon as possible back to the Ball chasing.