wanted to Just evaluate as the judges, the noise, the cows, however, rather sluggish. “The cows are all pregnant. Which, of course, the calm and moved, as well as not,“ said the lawyer of the plaintiff spouses, Peter’s hard heart, after the appointment. As the court asked the farmer’s wife Regina’s Killer, to bring the cows a little in motion, the animals tend to be more “in slow motion” on-the-go. As the court of the chimes felt, was not immediately known. The addition of the pasture in the upper-Bavarian town, the couple feels for years of the bells disturbed, and the court wants to reach a the end of the Geläutes.

at the hearing in the afternoon to go again to attempt to reach an amicable agreement. “If the parties agree, it is always expedient, especially when it comes to neighborly things,” said hard-heart.

There is already a comparison of the husband with the woman in September 2015 had closed. Therefore, cows with bells should graze only in the at least 20 meters distant part of the pasture. The farmer holds. The couple had sued, in spite of the comparison in a separate method, because the compromise brought to his view, hardly any discharge. So far, both of them were failed in the first instance before the Landgericht München II, the husband had already lost in the second instance before the higher regional court. Now, the OLG is negotiating the claim, the woman in the second instance.