Great country, great gifts ; small country, small gift. In 2008, king Juan Carlos was offered $ 100 million by king Abdullah of saudi Arabia. In 2010, Hamed ben Issa al Khalifa, king of Bahrain, has agreed that a handout of $ 1.9 million. But the Spanish king did not make the fine mouth. He not only accepted the money in cash, but he wished to transport himself to the cash in Geneva ! Usually, this is the second knife that charroient suitcases tickets, at their own risk. Juan Carlos has undoubtedly benefited from the immunity of its function to fulfill this task.

“How much it weighs, 1.9 million dollars ?” was in the habit of asking an investigating judge in geneva, curious to know if the money came in bags, suitcases, with or without wheels, and its dimensions. Apparently, the fact that a monarch can walk in the city of Calvin with such a sum does not seem to have awakened the curiosity of the swiss financial. “Juan Carlos is very popular in the Gulf countries. He was returning to Abu Dhabi. He came at me, at my private home. He came to lunch with a suitcase of money. I made a report of the visit, ” said in October 2018, the executive officer of the company Rhône Management to justice in geneva.

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was it indeed a gift of Bahrain ?

The Tribune de Genève reports that a week after this royal visit the $ 1.9 million will be credited without a problem by the bank Mirabeau on the account of the foundation of the panamanian Lucum, of which Juan Carlos is the sole beneficiary. Implanted in particular in France and Spain, Mirabeau, specializing in wealth management, is one of the oldest banking institutions in Switzerland. It has celebrated last year its two hundred years of existence. But the bank does not seem to have fully assimilated its obligations in the area of money laundering. To the extent that a monarch is a personality necessarily exposed. At a minimum, Mirabeau would have had to ask if it was a gift from the king of Bahrain. And, for the record, why was he generous vis-à-vis Juan Carlos ? A contract had he, by chance, been signed between Spain and the tiny country of the Gulf around the year 2010 ?

This revelation the risk of burying a little deeper into the myth of Juan Carlos. Already, following the discovery in march 2020, for a donation of $ 100 million came from saudi Arabia, the king Felipe VI announced that he was relinquishing any inheritance from his father and that he was withdrawing his annual pension. On the other hand, at the age of 82, the former ruler escapes the justice of geneva has opened an investigation for ” suspicion of money laundering aggravated “. This survey only relates to the bank Mirabeau, a lawyer and an officer of the company Rhône Management.

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