have messed up A message to a groom of the six bridesmaids of the Future by an embarrassing photo mishap. Now the women reap scorn and derision.

With a photo wanted to send six of bridesmaids the groom a message. In doing so, you negated your Surprise with a photo mishap . On the Internet the mishap makes for a lot of ridicule .

M√ľnchen – This promotion six bridesmaids was mighty in the pants. The women wanted to fuel the anticipation of the groom with a funny news velvet photo. They were, however, a embarrassing photo mishap and not negated so that only your Surprise , but harvest just also a lot of derision on the Internet.

bride-to-be young blow photo message to groom

On the image, each of the six bridesmaids a piece of paper with a word in the camera – it is a message for the groom result holds. Actually, the sextet wanted to tell the Future: “You should see!” – translated: “you should see her!”. But the Ladies seem to have brought in their Seating arrangements a little confused, because the order of the sign here gives the message: “the lake should you”, which makes a lot of sense.

“Shameful wedding moments” – the group has 60,000 members

Posted the snapshot of the User “thr0wawayshowaway” in the past week on the photo-platform Reddit in the group ” shameful wedding moments “. The group has over 60,000 members and is described as “a place where wedding themes, brides, grooms, wedding parties, in-laws, Outlaws, guests, uncle Bob, the seller will be ashamed … you name it, we shame it!”

Reddit Users to make a photo-glitch funny

In the case of the Reddit users, the mishap for amusement. Many of them have only used for a while, until they were able to decode the actually intended message, tell the User and post tears of laughing Smileys. “I looked at the picture ne whipped Minute and am not sure whether I have understood”, says one of several mocking comments . “Apart from the headache, which has given me this Puzzle, I can’t stop, on the dirty sole of the shoes to stare,” writes another user, the especially dirty shoes are one of the bride-to-be is young noticed remote.

A spicy photo-bug has made this Online Star. A Fitness Model’s open to retouch your photos and handle your critics. Another Influencerin was recently caught in a three of the most photo Theft. Even more embarrassing is the Post of a Instagramerin ended. Her own sister left her exposed. Blown is also a bride-to-be – because, in their engagement picture was more to see than you had actually planned.

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“you bum” – in a stairwell-note from Berlin is always so courteous and polite to the Rude, at least. A couple married in the Philippines in the face of adversity. Itself has a natural katastrophie can’t stop them.