protect The company Wacker mount-Arzbach want to, that soon the plans for a new shooting range, begin. The push takes place against the Background of their cleavage from the sports club.

Wacker mount – The sports club Wacker mount-Arzbach (SVWA) is currently building a new sports hall in Arzbach. In March, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated. The company, Wacker mountain protect-Arzbach – yet-formally a division of the SVWA – are now urging that the home, including shooting ranges, comes thought new sport as soon as possible to do so.

protect master Hans Heufelder presented on Friday, mayor Jan Göhzold a letter. The Shooters wish for a speedy decision. Because you want to make this year at the Bavarian sports Confederation (BSSB) protect a request for a 50 percent grant for construction costs. The current funding program is an opportunity, not probably so quickly.

Protecting strike three variants for the construction of a new shooting range before

the construction of a new sports home, with a shooting range as the second construction phase, follows the turn hall, the feast is basically. “But we’re a little bit in the air and would like to know what we are,” says Heufelder in the conversation with the Tölzer courier. It is currently not possible to predict whether the sport wants to build the club at all in the next five to ten years. “We want to be involved in the planning,” said the master to Protect. “So far, we were there the outside.”

Protect bring in of your letter to the three variants to the game. The preferred solution: the construction of a common sports home with the sports club, in each of which occupies a full floor. That would cost any club € 300,000. The municipality should regulate the Erbbaupacht-relationships.

Former shooting range in Arzbach no longer meets the requirements

In variant 2, the sports Association would protect a part of the land for the common development of the company’s lease. Option 3 would be the construction of an independent shooting ranges, on other property, which represents the community. Here are the Protect with EUR 500,000 in construction costs to calculate.

That the Shooters need a new sports facility, founded Heufelder, among other things, that the previous home protect – corresponds to an extension of the old sports home – not the current BSSB requirements. “The current space are very problematic and not in a long time of this time. In the meantime prescribed distances to the rear are too low, and we don’t know how long the shooting range decreases is tolerated.“

in Addition, you have no reasonable changing areas. And the youth training should be held at shooting ranges, spread over two levels. “With shooting apparel is it is very tedious and dangerous to climb the stairs,” stresses Heufelder.

Wacker mountain Protect-Arzbach have founded their own Association

In the Background of the discussion of a particular constellation is. Because not only structurally protect society is associated with the sports club. So far, the formed to Protect a section of the SV Wacker mount-Arzbach – felt, according to the latest letter to the mayor but always “independent”. Further, it States: “A sport protect division in the sports club has never really made sense.”

Since the beginning of the year, now protect the company is registered according to Heufelder as a stand-alone Association in the Association register. At the conclusion of this detachment process, only the decision of the SVWA to the dissolution of his sport is missing now protect division. This would fall in planned for April’s annual meeting. But was postponed due to Corona for an indefinite period of time.

President of the sports Association referred to advance the Protect as a “go it alone”

With the division of the Association have also changed the basic conditions for the construction of the sports home. “Whether or not it makes it now easier or more difficult to get to the goal that is questionable,” says this SVWA-Chairman Peter Willibald.

He shows from the thrust of the Protect surprised that he referred to as “going it alone”. “It has never said that the sport would not be built home”, emphasised Willibald. However, his club would have to turn first of all, the 3.7-million-Euro major project construction – the municipality takes 1.9 million to complete, before moving on to the next project. Now, since the contact constraints are largely lifted, could you put Yes back together again “and with the Protect to discuss, on where you’re headed,” suggests Willibald.

Similar mayor Göhzold in mind. “The community can help in this matter,” he says. “I have promised that I am available.” The letter of Protect, he will forward to all of the local councils more. In addition, he wants the next meeting of the Council working group on sports representatives of the Shooters and the SVWA invite, “to find a reasonable solution sites”.