Bavaria’s police has to deal with attacks and insults. A police officer reported of an ordinary control, the escalated.

at the beginning of last year, police officer Johannes Dürr experienced a shocking use. In the case of a traffic control his colleague, was attacked suddenly by a man. The tendency in the whole of the free state of Bavaria is disturbing: violence against police officers is steadily increasing.

München – 22. February, 2019 is a day that has burned John of drought in memory. The shock that he has from that police carried away, will accompany him for a lifetime. “I had blind fear,” says the now-24-year-old police Commissioner. At the press conference on the topic of “ violence against police officers ” were presented on Thursday in Munich alarming Numbers for the city and the whole of Bavaria. There, the officers talked about his Drama. The young man looks calm and collected. But it took a while until drought of the terrible experience has recovered.

violence against Munich police: “all of a Sudden he has to my colleague bashing”

Actually, he wanted to perform together with a then-28-year-old colleague, an ordinary traffic control . But the driver – a man of 1.90 meters and about 100 kg freaked out suddenly. “All of a sudden he was beating on my colleague in. When I came to her aid, there was a tussle on the ground,“ says Dürr. The man was taken in the face of the young policemen, and with the full force of his thumb pressed on his eyes . “I had tremendous pain,” says Dürr. For weeks, he could see only a blur, had to regularly clinic in the eye, were added to the contusions and hematomas .

+ police Commissioner Johannes Dürr lost when using almost eyes light.©Achim Frank Schmidt

What Johannes Dürr is happening, is no case . “For years, the violence against police officers is rising,” says the Senior detective Aldi rector Stefan Kastner. In Munich alone, there were in the past year, 1409 cases , around six percent as in the year 2018. The police responded with the purchase of new service weapons, protective equipment, and the use of so-called Body-Cams.

“We hope that by 2020, the Numbers are through the use of Body-Cams on the decline,” said Peter Schall of the Bavarian police trade Union. So far, the cameras have achieved, according to Kastner, good effects. However, in 2019, a total of 488 police officers in operations were injured . In 65 cases it was even dangerous injury. Violence against police officers also insults (523 cases) include but. More than half of the attacker was standing at the time of the under the influence of alcohol , and around nine percent in other drugs . Last is in addition to Dürrs attacker.

attacks on the police in Bavaria: “Very concern the maximum value

The sad Trend continues for the rest of Bavaria. The Attacks on police officers are risen again to 3.5 per cent. The position of the image recorded in the past year, 7959 incidents , in which police officers were attacked in 4501 cases, physically. This 2599 police officers were injured. This was achieved in the violence “very worrying, the maximum value,” said interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU). In the past five years, an increase in loss of working days 125 percent is seen, therefore, as Herrmann. At least the killing attempts had decreased from eleven to three.

+ violence against the police: the deeds are divided in the past year, 2019.©FKN

Johannes Dürr and his colleague to do it physically, in the meantime, by the way, well again, at least. A particularly violent case in this area occurred in December at the Central station in Munich:

violence against the police: The sneaky knife attack at the Munich Central station

A particularly shocking case of violence against the police shocked the Munich in December 2019. At the Munich Central station, a police officer was attacked all of a sudden, in the back of a knife.

The COP is controlled in the block basement is just routinely a passer-by, as the 23-Year-old suddenly joined in, and from behind him stabbed, and so hard that the blade broke off. The then 30-year-old civil servants could be saved in Emergency SURGERY. “He is on the mend,” said detective Aldi rector Stefan Kastner on Thursday.

Not only police officers, rescue forces complain for quite some time, the increase in violence in the population.

just a few days ago a Drunk in Munich had bitten police officers to the hospital.

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