for the past ten years, Rocky mountain u.s., a land that is wild and spectacular, hosted tourists of a special kind : the treasure hunters. Thousands of souls have in fact surveyed the lakes, climbed the mountains and explored the lush forests that is home to the famous natural park, in search of a chest dripping with gold, rubies, emeralds and diamonds. It took a decade for that a explorer enfouisse finally his shovel in the right place and seized control of the Grail.

The loot, the value of which is estimated at over a million dollars, was hidden in 2010 by Forest Fenn, a collector of art and antiquities, reports CNN Monday, June 8, 2020. The U.s. has announced himself happy discovery : “He was under a shower of stars, hidden in the lush vegetation and wooded mountain, and had not stirred from the place where I hid it there are more than ten years. “Iran maintains it does not know the identity of the lucky, but this last one has sent him photographs proving that it was well flushed and precious stones.

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A quest is dangerous

The american collector says he has hidden this treasure in order to encourage ” people to explore the nature and to restore hope to the people affected by the Great Recession of 2008. Clues leading to the location of the treasure have been dragged into a poem of 24 lines published in the autobiography of Fenn in 2010, The Thrill of the Chase (the Thrill of the hunt).

according To Forest Fenn, nearly 350,000 people from around the world are in search of the treasure. Some of them have left their job to devote himself fully to the hunt, others have lost their lives. “I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the research and I hope that they will continue to be attracted by the promise of other discoveries,” responded Fenn, full of mystery.

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The crazy treasure hunt that électrise the United States