Difficult to see clearly, this Monday, in the Twitter of the embassy of China in France. In the evening of Sunday 24 may, the official account of the embassy, certified by the platform, published a design likely to attract once again the wrath of the French diplomacy. A meme well-known representative of the grim reaper carrying on, door after door, his deadly activity.

On the published version this Sunday, the grim reaper is wearing an american flag, his scythe adorned with the flag of Israel. The doors of the victims are overcome in the name of different countries (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, and, still closed, Hong Kong). The names are written in English, translated into mandarin.

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a Few minutes after publication, the tweet containing this cartoon is removed, but will not have escaped many people and will be promptly republished by an account specialist in the repechage of tweets deleted. In the night, the particulars of the account of the embassy caught fire, it is forced to react and justify. If the violence of the caricature was far to spot in the Twitter feed of the embassy, particularly when it comes to safety in Hong Kong, the tweet of Sunday would be the work of a pirate.

” Clarification, announced in a tweet pinned from is published Monday in the late morning for more visibility. Someone has falsified the official account Twitter of the embassy of China in publishing a cartoon titled “Who is next ?” The Embassy would like to condemn it and will always attach to the principle of truthfulness, objectivity and rationality of the information. “Excuses, which have few satisfied users.

Convocation in April by the ministry of foreign Affairs

Pirate or not, the quick response of the embassy is probably intended to defuse a potential controversy, a month after the convening of the ambassador with the minister of foreign Affairs. Jean-Yves Le Drian remonstrated with him about criticizing the western response to the Covid-19 in an article published on the website of the embassy.

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The article of the embassy said that caregivers working in long-term care Facility had ” abandoned their positions from one day to the next […] leaving it to die residents of hunger and disease “. The use of the acronym “Ehpad” (establishment of accommodation for dependent elderly people), little used outside of the French borders, was able to let believe that the embassy described the situation in France. Now, the text in chinese only referred to as ” retirement homes “. And the embassy said Tuesday on Twitter that she resembled, in fact, Spain, where the army was found at the end of march of the persons who died in this type of establishment.

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