A fatal accident occurred on the B306. A motorcycle driver crashed a Car and died at the scene.

An accident on the B306 towards Schneizlreuth ended for a motorcyclists fatal. Several ambulance and a helicopter advanced to, however, could do nothing more. The inmates of the involved passenger Cars were taken care of psychologically and was taken to the hospital.

Update from the 7. June, 8.26 PM: In the case of the motorcyclist who was killed in an accident on Saturday night claimed the life, is, according to police, a 71-Year-old from Schneizlreuth . He drove from Inzell in the direction of the white brook. At the turn-off to Ruhpolding, he was probably overlooked by the Car that came from white Creek, and after Ruhpolding turned off. The motorcycle driver had to react according to the police, not a Chance. The consequences of severe accident occurred just in front of the ice rink.

The motorcycle driver died at the scene of the accident. “The accident and his wife also had to be medically cared for because they were under heavy shock”, the police announced. The officials ask witnesses have observed the accident to contact the police Ruhpolding.

Deadly accident in Traunstein: motorcycle crashing into Porsche – driver dies at the scene

original message from 6. June: Inzell – Between the B305 and B306, it came on Saturday night a severe accident between a Car and a motorcycle. The ended in a collision for the motorcyclist fatally, while the Car occupants came with a shock of it.

accident on the B306: the rescue helicopter and fire brigade rushed to the accident

Against 17.20 received emergency calls at the Inzeller fire brigade, the Bavarian Red cross, and several ambulances as well as a ambulance and a rescue helicopter to the accident rushed.

A motorcycle driver was on the B306 on the road, where he drove from Inzell from the direction of Schneizlreuth. A schneizl Reuther in the direction of upcoming Porsche took the motorcyclist to a fork in the road in the direction of Ruhpolding, apparently, the right-of-way on which the accident occurred. The motorcycle crashed with all the violence in the drivers side of the car. The driver should have had no Chance , Dodge. The collision was so strong that it shifted the Porsche.

accident on the B306: motorcycle driver dies at the scene

Due to the impact of the motorcyclists was thrown to the oncoming lane. Any Attempts of the rescue workers and first responders, to save the man, but failed. The motorcycle driver died at the accident to his severe injuries.

The occupants of the involved Cars were under severe shock, which is why a crisis intervention team of the order of Malta was in charge of the persons in the connection. They were brought by the Bavarian Red cross to the hospital .

The Ruhpoldinger police took the accident immediately, an expert was used to reconstruct the sequence of events the collision of the two vehicles in the Form of an opinion. The road was blocked for a long time .

near Ingolstadt, an accident, a drunk Person caused also occurred.