The family business Dörrenberg has the 44 County of-fire departments with disinfectant fitted – overall, the family donated it to 2600 liters. So much So, that other got into Inning something out of it.

book – “We feel closely linked with the book and its people connected,” says Beatrix Dörrenberg. She is the daughter of Dr. August Wolff, founded in 1952, the cosmetics company, Alcina, and a summer residence in the book built. If mayor Walter lead Maier speaks about the family, then the word is often “generous” and generous she was also, as you fight back the 44 County fire 2600 litres of disinfectants gave.

This is so much, that Innings of neighborhood assistance, the local construction yard and the community get something out of it. The fire bar, the desinfecting gel good services, said the district fire chief Peter belly, while the district administrator Stefan Frey, “the company’s commitment to” pries. Hubert Schilcher has been working for 28 years for the company – only for the Wolff’s, and now for the dry mount. The member of the Bucher military brought the family to the idea of this donation.

So that they can disinfect the comrades three million Times, the hands. This extrapolation comes from Alcina-managing Director Eduard Dörrenberg (52) on the occasion of the official handover of the donation at the district office in Starnberg, Germany, on Wednesday. The grandson of the founder, lives in Bielefeld and knows the book like the back of his pocket. Finally, he spent in the small town on the Ammersee, on numerous weekends and holidays.

Doris Wolff donated 100 000 Mark for the ailing web

Until about ten years ago on the family basic a cosmetic school, which was beyond the County’s borders, known. Among other things, in the case of Adolescents who loitered after school at the output around and the pretty girl watched. As territorial depth is the family business, became evident in the 1990s. At that time, the steam bridge was so dilapidated that the ships are docked now there. A reconstruction of the lakes management from the castle. And Doris Wolff would not have helped in the short hand with 100 000 DM, would now extend to this point, only a few Stempen out of the water.

lead-Maier, who was Council at the time, remembers it very well. “You wanted to be named not as a donor,” says Innings mayor. He didn’t hold in the face of these incredibly high sum – and promptly got a complaint, call the benefactor.

For grandson Eduard Dörrenberg was an important donation, because for him, the boat belongs to his Childhood. As well as the Alcina-stock for delivery in the Inning. This closes the circle, because the managing Director was the lead maiers father. From there, cosmetics, hair care and medicines, were sent out into the world. Disinfecting agents produced the cosmetics and pharmaceutical company. It was only when the articles were at the end of February, almost, decided to, the managing Director for a desinfecting gel with the name linola Sept. In his hometown of Bielefeld, he gave the vial to the schools, 20 000 – and the schools would not have been in the district of Starnberg, he would have done next, a large delivery to Bayern.

Michèle Kirner

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