The BfV has presented the final tables of the stay@home-League for youth teams. The TSV Grasbrunn cuts off multiple times a good.

youth football – It was a debut season for the Bavarian football Association: the so-called stay@home-League. More than 60 Bavarian youth Teams of all age classes (F – to A-juniors and juniors) went to a total of eight days of play in eleven groups at the Start and dueled in challenging and fun Online Challenges. Whether it’s trick shots, the pantomimic representation of a football phrase, Danteln, Juggling, or the “twisted” form of training – the Junior kicker gave in your Videos, everything, and despite the football-free time, a genuine team spirit demonstrated.

Also some of the Teams from the district have joined the BFV presents the final tables. “Master” in the F-juniors (group B), with 406 points, the TSV Grasbrunn. The E-juniors (group B) reached the grass Brunner with 324 points, second place three, the D-juniors (group B) were among all boys Teams in Fourth with 480 points. Third place was also for the D-youth-girl SpVgg Höhenkirchen with 428 points in group C. In the case of the C-juniors (group A) took the FC Ottobrunn rank five (182 points). Age across the group A of the Junior A, B and C of the TSV Grasbrunn-place (267 points) made. The FC Deisenhofen sent his F-juniors into the virtual race – second place (415 points).

at The conclusion BFV has – Association youth Director Florian white man will still be an Extra Challenge for the Interview after the game. “Don’t let parents, friends or siblings interview – whether it be funny, naughty or emotional. Your wit shows in front of the camera!“, encouraged man to know the youth kicker to the “epilogue” at the stay@home-League. (mm)