without a training camp of Trisport-newcomer

Erding –It is the highlight of the Year par excellence for the next generation of Trisport Erding: the spring training camp in Inzell. A weekend of fine-tuning is traditionally held here for the upcoming triathlon season. Is trained from morning to evening, sports specific, but also Hiking is on the program. But this year everything is different.

Not a training camp, don’t get to practice together is possible. The corona of crisis can’t take the children, maybe this is to do but the Motivation, the Best of the Situation and to give more Gas.

organized in the Trainer Simone Blumoser and Frauke beautiful fields, a training camp at home – and yet, somehow, together. “The Kids have agreed among themselves that they were on the given routes, really alone. The exchange of experience took place after each unit via a WhatsApp group,“ says Blumoser.

The program: From a relaxed continuous running over the course of ABC, and repeated the Climb of the wait Berger clinic mount up to multi-hour bike rides and strength training, everything was there. After the unit “The dirty three hundred”, a high-intensity strength training with your own body weight, also fell of a power expression in Online Chat.

“We have not tried to email a training schedule, but our six students and 15 young people a little spur. Whining may be, after the unit it is then all the more proud“, so Blumoser. They even pulled the unit as well – who can dish it out, must finally also can plug.

sweat Together, together, rant together and be successful – that’s the hallmark of the Trikids normally and in corona, times especially. “Make so great and me so proud,” says Blumoser and already has a Plan B for your little athletes in the Luggage. If everything develops well, is to give it as compensation to 2020 but still a training camp in Inzell, although in the Winter, and instead of a Triathlon, only the Biathlon.