A traveller crashed in the pale mountains in Bayerisch Gmain on a steep slope – he wanted to make a photo. First responders placed an emergency call.

holidaymakers crashed in the pale mountains in Bayerisch Gmain on a steep slope. First responders tried to reach the man, and placed an emergency call. The rescue helicopter “Christoph 14” was in the vicinity and flew to the crash site.

Bayerisch Gmain – A traveller from the upper Palatinate on Saturday (6. June) in the Speik in the North-East of the pale mountains on the way. The man was on the spike-and-white-Creek-trail on the road and crashed while Photographing in the roadless terrain on a steep hillside on the Western shore of the rear Speikbachs. The Bavarian Red cross (BRK) kreisverband Berchtesgadener Land.

Bayerisch Gmain: man crashes on a steep slope rescue helicopter is flying to the accident

first responders tried to reach the man and set against 11.50 a emergency at the control station of Traunstein. The rescue helicopter “Christoph 14” was already in the vicinity and found the scene of the accident quickly. The crew brought the ambulance and a Reichenhaller mountain rescuers to the scene of the accident, such as the BRK told more.

The doctor provided to the injured in the steep terrain medical. The mountain rescue built, meanwhile a stand for fall protection. “The emergency workers brought the injured to continue on the slope up to a better shooting point. ‘Christoph 14’ is picked then the patient and two rescuers with the Tau and flew to Bayerisch Gmain,” said the BRK more.

To fall over a steep slope: Wounded in the clinic to Bad Reichenhall

The wounded came up with the ambulance of the Berchtesgadener Red cross in the circle Klinik Bad Reichenhall. The man rolled with the fall of the shoulder. The use lasted for a good hour and a half.

The Königssee lake-water case is an Instagram Hotspot, also Yvonne Pferrer shot a photo. People are risking on the way, and Bad in the so-called pools your life.

A Couple from Munich on Sunday at the Königssee from an awkward position had to be freed. After all, In a way, the two model behaved manner.

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