is Inconspicuous in a different way: Because the 25-Year-old had forgotten the mooring lines at the stern of the yacht to solve, shot the boat on the opposite side of the harbour basin. There, it collided yachts with five moored sailing, as the police announced on Monday.

could you also be of interest: out with the Old, families study promises to be 1.4 million square metres of living space

in addition, strong boat were in the fast-paced Start-up the 300 HP to the rear Devices for Attaching the mooring lines from the Deck ripped.

Failed boat theft: would-be thief was on drugs

When the incident was created according to police, all six participating boats considerable damage to property. Now to answer the prevented boat thief because of the hazard of vessel traffic under the influence of intoxicating substances, and the especially serious case of theft. (dpa/se)

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