The football leagues in Bavaria to get a additional competition. In a League Cup could earn the TSV Gilching-Argelsried advancement or relegation.

Gilching – Stefan Schwartling is surprised by the call. “I hear for the first Time,” says the head of the Department of the TSV Gilching-Argelsried. Also among the other upper Bavarian football League team of the group, the southwest, the surprise is after the conversation with the Starnberger Merkur big. “I know nothing”, says Reinhold FuG of anger, head of Department of the SC Olching. Christopher Saller, Athletic Director and coach of the 1. FC Garmisch-Partenkirchen, said: “I only learned it from the Internet.”

All of them talk about the content of a press release that was sent to the Bavarian football Association (BFV) on Thursday evening. In it is declared that in the country a more attractive, extra leagues in Bavaria in place of the cancelled season 2020/21 is introduced the competition for the still continuous, but interrupted season 2019/20.

The procedure of the League Cup, the country leagues

The competent BFV working group recommends for this purpose, for each of the five country League Prior to seasons of a League Cup with-, Intermediate -, and final round (flexible, depending on the pandemic course possible), during the free time of the League game mode will be played and at the end of which the winners play in a relegation round for a total of three direct promotion places to the Bayern League. In addition, a gear with the season 2021/22 in the Toto Cup competition at the Association level being considered. In addition to competition, no points for the table can be earned in the League.

Should be a team in the League Cup, won already the League the rise, an alternate principle. A Team that would descend on the League, as the winner of the League Cup show-competition, not on the rise this in the Bavaria League, but as a reward the class. In the next step further in content and date of the League Cup competition is now at. For this purpose, a further working group will be launched to invited all interested national League club representatives to the employees.

criticism of the communication of the BFV

“With the us but has spoken to no one,” says Schwartling. The previous development was with Andreas Fink, from the 1. FC Sonthofen is also a club representative from the southwest in the process. “I would have expected to be asked,” says Schwartling.

Also Garmischs Saller says: “at Least via the digital club mailbox, you would have been able to inform us and to ensure that employees ask for.” He finds the new League Cup in principle, but interesting. “Because everyone starts at zero, and it beckons to an attractive destination.” Schwartling want to wait for the exact formulation. “It would be important to have income through additional home games,” he says.