The Südharz district Council has now confirmed the financial statements and the operating line with Jutta Parnieske-Pasterkamp issued as a managing Director in the discharge.

had Previously taken an accounting firm, the comprehensive set of figures under the magnifying glass, and no objections expressed. The audit office of the County came after a four-month test to the same result.

duties of the owner-operated Municipal Südharz

In 2013, the newly founded in-house operation has had to cope with old and new tasks: the supply of drinking water in Uftrungen and sewage disposal in Agnes’s village, the quest mountain, Rottleberode and Stolberg, the disposal of precipitation water in Schwenda. Added to this was the operation of all tourist facilities, so the Uftrunger home throat, of Joseph cross, the museums and the leisure pool in Stolberg, the tourist information office and of the house of the guest in the castle.

The in-house operation had been founded as a successor to the previous Stolberg self-operation, tourism and town economy. This was achieved in 2012, the last year of its existence, and also a loss of nearly 103.000 euros – however, with a fortune of over 16 million euros. Only Once, in 2007, there was a bottom line, a Plus of 152.000 euros.

mayor Ralf Rettig justified deficit

As mayor, Ralf Rettig (independent) now reasoned, there were several reasons for the red number in the year 2013. He referred to a loss of revenue from wastewater charges and higher costs for staff due to rising wages. In addition, reasonable Rettig that the operating costs for the Thyragrotte leisure baths were increased, and higher administrative and operating expenses had to be applied.

the annual financial statements for 2013 is so late, for several reasons. The hugely elaborate introduction of the doppischen accounting (double-entry bookkeeping) has ensured significant delays.

in the Meantime, there is no in-house operation, he was resolved by the end of 2016. Ums drinking and waste water of the places mentioned, the municipality takes care of currently, also the area of tourism was integrated into the administration.

Four more own establishments

As speaker Uwe Gajowski of the district administration said, the audit office of the circle four more municipal corporations, to look at which the financial statements for 2018 and 2019 are. The focus of the municipal opening balance sheets presented according to the double-entry bookkeeping-introduction. (mz)

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*it is occurs because of The contribution “financial statements for the KES: Red number of self-operation of the year 2013” published by the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Contact with the executives here.

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