Because the vehicle is not started, and he pushed it. To him, an unknown woman came to my aid and pushed back. The Transporter came into the roles. The 59-could not-Year deceleration in momentum brought the vehicle in a timely manner, so that it rolled on a previous VW. There is property damage of more than 4,000 Euro. The woman moved away then from the scene of the accident and is now sought to clarify the facts of the case. The police have asked the unknown person Involved reports to the police, or that people report, the information as to the identity of the woman can give. It is described as follows:

– approx. 30 years old – petite stature – black hair – East Asian appearance.

notices will be accepted at the phone number 03677 – 601124, and the reference number 0134327/2020. (mwi)

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