Against 23.30 o’clock, the two young people (Latvian), as well as their mother were intercepted on the way home, apparently of a 25-Year-old (Somali). According to the current state of knowledge a verbal altercation, in the course of the 25-Year-old two young people struck in the face developed first. Then, the man fled, but returned a short time later and a knife with which he ends with whipped or whipping movements in the direction of the 17-Year-olds and whose mother led. One of the youths was wounded superficially in the Arm. The investigation of the Tatabläufen and backgrounds to take. Witnesses who can supply the relevant information to the incident are asked to contact the police in Arnstadt, Germany, report-Ilmenau at the phone number 03677-601124 or in the case of the criminal police of the LPI Gotha 03621-781424 (reference number 0181902/2020) to. (fr)

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