After the closure of a catering company in the district of Starnberg, due to a coronavirus outbreak, the health authorities have brought more Tests and more refugee accommodations quarantined. Are looking for the contact persons of the 40 Infected. “The Important thing is, chains of Infection to interrupt,” said a spokeswoman for the district office of Starnberg, Germany, on Tuesday. Involved the health authorities of half a dozen of the surrounding counties where Employees live.

on The question, whether a Lockdown in the district of Starnberg follows, said district administrator Stefan Frey, according to the communication: “currently we are far. The Lockdown in a County requires that it is done to a non-specific eruption. This is not currently the case. The chains of Infection are understandable and concrete community facilities (asylum accommodation and company) limited.“

In the case of series testing of the employees of the catering company would have been 45 positive cases, informed the district office in the evening. In addition to a refugee accommodation in Hechendorf, in the ten of the Infected lived, have now been provided accommodation in Seefeld, Herrsching and Pöcking for 14 days under quarantine. In the three residences per a Person had been tested positive. It would also tested all the residents, it said.

The number of Infected in the district of Starnberg, sun, despite the breakout below the important mark of 50 per 100 000 inhabitants, within seven days, said the spokeswoman for the district office. When it exceeds this number, the authorities must initiate further measures. “We do everything so that the spreading will Happen further,” said the spokeswoman. “There are still uncertain flock. But we must be vigilant.“

The state office for health and food safety (LGL) underscore that the delivery of the food was a forwarding and Handover both sides of the mouth-nose protection wore. In addition, only containers in and out of the Truck would be moved. “No close contacts.” The investigations of the authorities lasted. “Alone, but the smaller size of operation and number of employees suggest that the number of affected persons reached the dimensions of Tönnies.”

The nationwide Catering company apetito informed on Tuesday evening: “There is no knowledge yet of how it could come to the outbreak. – According to current knowledge, all employees have adhered to in the operation of the existing concept of Hygiene with distance regulations, and mouth protection.“ To was already the beginning of the pandemic in a comprehensive hygiene concept has been developed and will be implemented at all locations.

The distribution center in Gilching serve exclusively for the delivery of the LMU hospital in Großhadern and city centre campuses. Other customers were not supplied.“ An alternative Plan for the care of the patient and staff is ensured, the company said.

Transmission of the Virus on the ready-to-eat is according to the authorities, is highly unlikely. “So far there is no evidence to the chain of Infection of Sars-CoV-2 via the consumption of food, including frozen food,” writes the German Federal Institute for risk assessment on his side. The previously known coronaviruses, Sars and Mers could stay at minus 20 degrees for up to two years in the frozen Status infectious. The General hygiene rules in the preparation of food should be observed. Since the virus is heat-be sensitive to, could reduce the risk by Heating of food and was at the LGL.

most of the 45 people Infected according to the Landratsamt Starnberg well, some only have mild symptoms. The majority of the 100 employees of the Caterers had already been tested. Only some, which could not be reached on Sunday, have yet to be tested. All of the staff were quarantined.

The infections were discovered after last Thursday one of the residents from the community accommodation Hechendorf was gone because of the easier symptoms to the doctor. In total were tested, according to the district office, in the meantime, 18 of 33 residents there are positive. The Infected were moved to an isolation facility in Wacker mountain (in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen).

In the district of Starnberg, had occurred in February, the country’s first Corona cases. A Chinese collaborator had introduced the Virus to the automotive supplier Webasto is inserted. The chains of Infection could be successfully interrupted the operation remained for two weeks closed, all of the contact persons had to be in quarantine.