indoor swimming pool and Sauna in the Starnberger sea resort open on Monday, 29. June, for the first time after the corona closure-related again. The municipal government has set up numerous rules.

Starnberg, By the loosening of the Corona can regulate the largest indoor swimming pool in the district, the Starnberg resort, from Monday, 29. June, at least partially open. A massive rush of people will not give it to but, also in the Sauna.The rules for visits are clear, as the city announced yesterday.

. Visitors under the age of twelve are admitted only in company of an adult.

. Visitors must enter their contact details at checkout area or a registration form download below and printed to bring along.

. It is the usual Corona rules apply. Directly at the entrance or at the ticket area, bathers are drawn to the rules on the main behavior, a disinfectant dispenser is available. To keep the distance of 1.5 meters, on the ground markings. At the main entrance and a separate area for the A – and output set up. In order for the guests to find their way are identified the ways or directions.

. The maximum number of visitors is 1000 – 142 in the indoor swimming pool, 40 in the sauna area, and 818 in the Lido. At the entrance is counted on the turnstile. Season tickets are not a reservation is possible.

. There are in the Sauna, no special events, however, are infusions without air distribution (“Wag”) is possible, according to the city.

. Changing rooms and showers inside may be used in addition to the outdoor showers to a maximum of five people at a time. In the toilet facilities in the outdoor area there are three persons in the inside area only two.

. Beach volleyball field, bowling green and table tennis tables remain locked. Small children’s pool and Playground can be used under the supervision of the parents. mm