A mountain biker has beaten up on Sunday at the Spitzingsee, a nature conservation officer of the district office in the Croda Rossa mountains. The police are looking for witnesses.

A mountain biker is snapped at the Schliersee completely. He beat a nature conservation officer. Police are looking for witnesses to the incident. Even more local stories in our weekly regions-Newsletter for Miesbach or in our App.

the area supervisor from attack

Update from 17.48 at: Spitzingsee – As Florian two mountain Bossert on Sunday in the vicinity of the rotwand house biker on the Radlverbot at this point, does not matter that the conversation will escalate. The 35-year-old field supervisor for the mangfall mountains declared on this day, already over 100 people to the right behavior on the mountain. Since he took office almost a year ago, there were thousands. Almost always he is met with the understanding. A few have ignored him. Aggressive, no one has become. Until now.

+ The scene of the crime: Florian Bossert (green T-Shirt) in the case of a garbage-collecting action with the young people and the Rangers (h. v. l.) Horst Jenicek and Fränze stone in the last year at the rotwandhaus Lodge. The sign reveals forbidden: Cycling. Very close to Bossert was attacked, he pointed out a mountain biker on it.©ATS

Bossert sees the two cyclists at around 13: 30. You are driving on the narrow, partly rocky, partly grassy track towards Pfanngraben. He knows that will Encounter bikers there, hikers will be it closely. Just on Sunday, where in the sunshine many people are on the move, threatening a fight.

Bossert wants to prevent, by reference to rules. That is his task as the territory managers : He’s not forcing, he punishes. He explained. He wants to promote through education the understanding and avoid conflicts.

On the Spitzingsee: field supervisor notes on rules – mountain bikers: “This ban doesn’t bother me”

At the first of the two mountain bikers that works. Bossert, through its area supervisor-clothing significantly as authorities staff apparent, asks whether the two Cycling-Prohibited-have signs at the beginning of the path is visible enough. A simple, deeskaliere of entry. The mountain bikers, according to police, around 65 years, with a slightly protruding belly and a blue T-Shirt, answered in the negative. Bossert explains why Driving is banned here. The man asks if okay to push. Bossert agrees. Problem solved, everything as always.

then burn the second mountain biker to the Backups . He the conversation breaks down and calls in Bavarian: “This ban doesn’t bother me.”

Up to this point lie between the two cyclists and Bossert, a little lower on the mountain, about seven meters. Now the second cyclist travels, also around 65 years, but with a prominent boxer’s nose, and a strong stature, right on Bossert. Can’t Dodge. “I would have had to jump into the steep terrain.” So he keeps the hands protectively in front of the torso.

On the Spitzingsee: mountain bikers freak out and item beats the man with a fist to the chest

The mountain biker jumps in front of Bossert from the wheel, as the Arm touches already Bosserts chest. He attacks with one Arm, the right Hand of the field supervisor and turns it over. With the other he beats him the fist on the chest. “Then he knocked me back.”

Bosserts backpack dampens the fall. However, the area supervisor is surprised by the sudden attack, so that it catches hardly. He falls on the left side, bounce back, hips and legs. He twisted the knee on mine, the forearm and the hands. “I couldn’t ever expect. It is a call like the most – no discussion, no insults was. Suddenly, he was facing me,“ he said.

Bossert is on the ground and calling for help. The attacker builds menacingly over him. There was a group of hikers comes pre-running. You need to call: “Hello, what’s going on here?” The attacker and his companion escape to your mountain bikes to the valley – away from the designated trails.

speaks As Bossert with our newspaper about the incident, is this two days. The bruising pain, he is still on sick leave. But he knows that they will heal. “Mentally it’s harder.” The conversations with people Bosserts core task. “I hope I can do it again.”

After the incident on the Spitzingsee: witnesses

Who can make statements about the incident may contact under 0 80 25 / 29 90 in the Miesbach police.

Update of 13.32 PM: the victim of the attack is Bossert Florian, the area supervisor for the mangfall mountains. The district office confirmed now.

original message from 10.21 am: nature protection officer beat

Spitzingsee – A mountain bikers struck on a Sunday, nature conservation officer of the district office in the Croda Rossa mountains , as this wanted to enlighten him about the nature conservation. Only an approaching group, and was able to chase the 65-year-old attacker . His 35-year-old victim suffered bruising , and abrasions.

Croda Rossa mountains at the Schliersee: mountain bikers nature protection officer

beaten, According to police the incident occurred at about 13.30. The nature conservation officer , to recognise his clothing, clearly as an employee of the district administrator’s office, had responded to this point already about a hundred people on the correct behavior in the Berg . All were peacefully responding. Until now.

The 65-year-old mountain biker and his companion drove in the area of the pan trench completely unfazed by the regulations of the protected landscape area. As it to the nature protection officer, spoke on the proper behavior, beat the mountain bikers suddenly on top of him and pushed him to the ground. Then he built himself a threat on the ground, nature protection officer.

It is not the first Time that there are in the Region Miesbach Trouble with the mountain bikers. In may, a mountain has been pursuing a biker from a farmer. When he cried in front of a beer garden to help, it was really bad.

mountain biker on Schliersee to the offender from

The victim describes the offender as follows: male, about 65-years old, about 1.75 m tall, of strong stature with a prominent belly, prominent boxer’s nose, sun-tanned complexion, without a Beard; the mountain biker said with a Bavarian dialect. The most striking feature of his blue-grey helmet and bright were Shirt orange T -.

<p class="id-Article-content-item" to Be a companion is also about 65 years, was> also a male, also with a protruding belly. This man was wearing a blue T-Shirt, black Bicycle pants, a gray backpack, a blue-grey helmet, and was traveling with a black-and-yellow E-Bike of the brand HaiBike.

After attack by mountain bikers: The police are looking for witnesses

The police inspection Miesbach is asking the public for help. Who can make relevant notes on the Person of the offender or his / her companion? It is assumed that the mountain bikers have left the frying pan ditch on the forest road to Forester’s Lodge in the direction of Rottach-Egern or Spitzingsee. Information, please call the police inspection of Miesbach in 08025/2990.

it’s Not always the mountain bikers, however, are the hooligans. An unknown Wanderer should have missed in may on lake Schliersee, a mountain biker with a fist. The police searched for a photo after the man. Now the Wanderer turned and contradicts.