SpVgg Hebertshausen wishes for crash of the season 2019/20, so the maximum planning would be given security. Three elimination at the end of the performance carriers are to replace hardly.

SpVgg Hebert home n , Markus Kreusel (head of Department) – “I found the decision surprisingly. If you use common sense on the matter answer, it was clear even without the working group that the second round can be played from September never so that the new season 20/21 would have been able to be started. Interestingly, however, the reaction of the Association, the now what many coaches and officials is no longer aware of. Now we are once again at a point where we can’t always plan. Currently, we are planning a winter preparation’. Ultimately, the question is, why necessarily in the most leagues played needs to be considered. A reason for the BFV was then sponsorship money would be missing. But I find that absolutely ridiculous. Because of the small associations of local entrepreneurs are supported. This identify with the Clubs, and we expect little advantage, but also support your home club. Also the reason sporting solution is long gone. With us will disappear from July, three service providers, and replacement can be done currently in this uncertain Situation difficult. In the case of our ladies, the BOL team, it looks even worse. In my opinion, a season of demolition would be the only sensible solution, then there is a maximum of planning security would rule.“

Text: Robert Ohl