“I had to fight very hard for my health, my life,” said Schwesig the “picture on Sunday”. “Then you doubly happy over very simple things.” To begin with your family at Breakfast, the day is a beautiful Moment was after this time. Schwesig, who had announced in may that it is after months of cancer treatment is now considered cured. She was grateful and glad, said Schwesig. “You will be humbled before the living. I know that I was also lucky that it is so assumed.“ Her husband knew from the beginning know. “Before the talks with the children, I had the greatest respect for. How do I tell it to you honestly, without making them afraid?“ Your 13-year-old son, I recorded it in a calm and wise, the 4-year-old daughter have declared it a child-friendly and simple.

“My goals were quite simple: that I have the Training to be able to experience next year, the confirmation of my son and the following year my daughter healthy,” said Schwesig.