one of the calves got the result of the autopsy, said wildlife Park Manager Imke Heyter on Monday the German press Agency. Only one of the two at the end of may the dead animals could be examined. The second carcass had wild able to Park employees in the 17-acre enclosure to your specifications to find. “We assume, however, that both animals died from the same cause,” said Heyter. The moose twins were on 5. May, in the Schorfheide game Park has been born and had developed well at first. At the age of three weeks the young had died, according to the Heyter then all of a sudden within a day. “Us has confirmed the autopsy results, that we have made in the attitude of Elche is nothing wrong. This was for further work is very important,“ says the wildlife Park boss. This was a very complicated one, based on the nutrition and the susceptibility of animals to parasites. The mother of the two dead calves, the five-year-old Female Lille Sol (Swedish for “Little sun”), was born two years ago, according to the Heyter a healthy calf. The double offspring in the past year, however, died shortly after birth.

Since 1997, there are in Schorfheide elk, 13 were born there. To avoid inbreeding, they are taught mostly to other Zoos and animal parks. In the overall 110-acre plant on the outskirts of Groß schönebeck (Barnim) are approximately 250 animals and 25 species: European wild animal species, the train home, were once in the wild table. Every year, around 100 000 visitors.