This would have been a different outcome: A Landsberger lost on the B17 in Hohenfurch control of his car. A short time before the collision of two Cars in Schwabsoien.

Schwabsoien/Hohenfurch – More than lightly of the accident was in Hohenfurch. The 50-year-old Landsberger came off in the direction of Schongau, about the same height as the gravel pit of the B17. The Skoda drove in an uncontrolled manner to the left and damaged a guard rail. Fortunately, all have responded to the oncoming drivers.

Four drivers that prevented a terrible collision

Four driver of the vehicle prevented by braking, and evasive maneuvers, a collision. As the police informs, the drivers probably have a health Problem. The accident was brought by ambulance to the hospital Landsberg. The Skoda was no longer ready to drive, and had to be towed away. The damage to the Cars and the guard rail is around 4000 Euro.

a Short time before another accident occurred in Schwabsoien

another accident occurred on Wednesday at 7.30 PM in Schwabsoien. A 31-year-old Audi, the harm caused driver from Hohenfurch around 18 000 Euro property, plant and. What had happened? The woman from Hohenfurch came to the state road with your car in a curve to the right in the direction of Schwabsoien a little too far in the direction of the middle of the Lane and touched a responsive 39-year-old Apple Carinthian group is made up in a Tesla.

The Tesla driver was able to control pause

While the Tesla driver to keep your car checked on the road and to a stop, and in came the Hohenfurcherin of the road and slowed down in the embankment. The two drivers were taken by ambulance to the hospital in Schongau. The Apple Carinthian group is made up was discussed there, the Hohenfurcherin came up with the terror got away and was unharmed go home. The Audi and Telsa were not ready and had to be towed.

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